SIA BALTA eko was founded in 1998 and offered innovative solutions in the production of planners, notebooks and calendars. In 2005, taking a strategic step in the development of the company, a cooperation agreement was signed with SIA JELGAVAS TIPOGRAFIJA, becoming its subsidiary company.

In 2021, the brand changed, becoming BALTS paper goods, continuing to focus on the production of paper notebooks, planners and calendars. We strive for development, therefore we are constantly working towards the improvement and expansion of our operations, strengthening existing values, improving operating principles and learning more and more new export markets.

Feeling responsible for the long-term use of the product, we treat each customer personally to ensure that they receive the product that best suits their needs.
As the rhythm of life increases, we have learned to become more productive, more efficient and to judge our day by the amount of work done, which makes life anxious and too fast.
Respite is needed – slowing down and noticing life, enjoying it. BALTS stands for a more peaceful, leisurely everyday life
White silence is the place to meet yourself again. The place where you can experience the peaceful flow of thoughts on paper at the touch of a pen. It is a WHITE beginning – for a new day, project, idea, work of art, life.
BALTS believes that peace can be achieved through the union of thought, paper and handwriting! Write, feel, fulfill.
We actively work not only in Latvia, but also in nearby foreign countries, producing products for customers in Lithuania, Estonia and Scandinavia.
We protect the environment
Since 2009, approximately 95% of production is made from FSC-certified paper.

This means that paper production does not harm the natural functions of the environment, including the quality of lakes, rivers and marshes, biological resources and the environment they require.

The certification scheme allows you to track the process of using timber from the forest to the printing house, and also promotes environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically profitable forest management.
Professional team
We are proud of our employees and our company, which is active and socially responsible.

We care about the environment, the health and safety of our employees. In dealings with customers, cooperation partners and the state, we act according to the highest ethical and business standards.
Modern production technologies
Our products are produced at JELGAVA TYPOGRAPHY – one of the most modern and traditional printing companies in the Baltics, which specializes in the production of books, diaries and calendars.

JELGAVA TYPOGRAPHY’s competitiveness is based on consistently high product quality assurance, impeccable customer service culture, as well as a rational and efficient work organization system that allows applying the most appropriate manufacturing method to each product.
A wide range of products
The product range consists of calendars, planners and notebooks – products for lovers of the note-taking method.

More than 20 years of experience gives us the confidence that our products are convenient for users, handy and help them get everything done on time.

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