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BALTA eko rebrand

We’re entering a new stage in our journey – we are officially announcing the new, improved brand BALTS Paper Goods. Despite the changes, the passion for quality paper products, handwriting, as well as planning has remained the same.

What pushed us to the change?

The company BALTA eko was established in Latvia more than 20 years ago, with the focus on producing diaries and calendars, as well as some other printing services. Initially, the part of the company’s name “eko” served as an acronym for the words “economically, qualitatively, organizationally”, but time passed by and it became misleading, as nowadays this combination of letters has taken on a completely different meaning – an abbreviation for the word “ecological”. Despite the company’s obvious concern for sustainability, we are not able to call the company completely ecological just yet. This fact became one of the main incentives for initiating the rebranding process.

As we progressed, a need occurred to become more understandable to the customers in other countries by introducing a more understandable name in English, a more modern logo and a clearer message.

What has changed?

The most noticeable of the changes is our name and the elements of our visual identity. The new name BALTS Paper Goods, or BALTS for short, serves as a bridge between the already beloved brand and the vision for the future. It helps to mark the brand geographically, indicating belonging to the Baltics. We like to think that BALTS (in Latvian balts means white) also symbolizes the freedom we gain every time we begin writing on a new page.

The new logo, in our opinion, is modern and minimalistic. Embodying both our main value and idea – handwriting, as well as elegance.

BALTA eko and BALTS Paper Goods logos

You will often also see the new symbol, which will serve as a recognizable sign in social media and products. It is the first letter of the brand name, which resembles a wax seal in appearance and, each time it is seen, is reminiscent of hand written letters sent before and the charm of handwriting.

BALTS Paper Goods symbol

Our work is permeated by interrelated values ​​- handwriting and peace. We believe that peace can be achieved with a combination of thought, paper and handwriting.

It is especially important to us that as we grow and become more internationally visible, we don’t lose our very prime belonging to Latvia and the Baltic, as well as continue to use the experience we have accumulated over the years to offer high-class products and shopping experience.

What happens next?

From now on look out for BALTS Paper Goods online, in the stores, at exhibitions and on social media instead of the usual BALTA eko. Our operating and service principles remain the same, prioritizing individual angle, pleasant service and high quality products.

Although we have experienced a very significant period of change, you – our partners, customers, followers and interested parties – will not have to look for us on new social networking accounts, in stores etc.

At the moment we feel like we’re on a highway, at the very beginning of a long and exciting journey, so we especially invite you to join us in this adventure – we will learn peace, harmony and how to slow down pace of our lives. 


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