Private Label
We will breathe life into your creative spark and turn your idea into a finished product. We will develop a calendar concept, prepare design sketches, secure production, as well as provide product photo sessions and video visualizations.
Foil and embossing with cliché
In gold, silver, black or embossed. Other foil colours are available. Contact our project manager about foil colours. Printing clichés.
Printing Initials
Foil stamping of different colours or embossing with Initials. Contact our project manager about foil colours. Uppercase and/ or lowercase, only one font available. Printing cliché is not required.
Foil printer
Printing with a foil printer. Amount starting from 1 copy. Foil colours: gold, silver, black, red and blue. Maximum single print area: 55 x 300 mm. Printing cliché is not required. Imprint a word, text or image!
Wiro binding
Wiro-bound wall, desk calendars, notebooks or blocks of pages. Metal binding of different colours: white, black, gold, silver, red or blue. A metal hook can be attached to the wall calendars.
Metal corners
Metal corner protectors of different colours (gold, silver, black, red or grey) and sizes to add a touch of class to your planner or notebook. We recommend choosing corners not only for protection, but as a design.
Consignment packaging in corrugated cardboard boxes to fit the size and volume.
Map or other information on the inside pages
Map or other information on the inside pages
Custom bookmark
We offer customer-tailored covers and inside pages design. If the client wants to inject their own style they can create their own custom designed layout and we will make sure that they receive products of the highest quality
We will make individually designed covers and use our inserts. There are different types of covers – you may choose cover designs from a set of templates for laminated covers or opt for personalised covers. A minimum order of 300 pcs. applies.
We make desk calendars of different sizes. The calendar consists of 2 individually foldable blocks of pages.
We produce wall calendars of different types and sizes. Costs are calculated for each project individually.


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